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14 Customizing Key Bindings and Variables

Info allows you to override the default key-to-command bindings and variable settings described in this document. (The --vi-keys option rebinds many keys at once; see --vi-keys.)

On startup, GNU Info looks for a configuration file in the invoker’s HOME directory called .infokey, i.e., ~/.infokey.4 If it is present, then Info adopts the key bindings and variable settings contained therein. To use an alternative configuration file, use the --init-file option (see --init-file).

Variables may also be set on the command line with the --variable option (see variable-assignment). Variable settings on the command line override settings from the .infokey file.



Due to the limitations of DOS filesystems, the MS-DOS version of Info looks for a file _infokey instead. If the HOME variable is not defined, Info additionally looks in the current directory.